Can I commission you for my project?
We have the pleasure of working on various types of projects: (1) our architecture projects range from the design of a private house to the transformation of a monumental farmstead; (2) our architectural half-products range from the design of prismatic glass for facades to the design of a tiled wall for a museum. We are continuously driven by curiosity. From mould making to slumping glass, and from 3D detailing to hand-drawn plans: we like to engage in all aspects of our work. We like to keep things personal, which means we’ll be the ones talking but also the ones drawing. For larger projects we work together with experts who help us along the way. We love to collaborate with specialist workshops throughout the Netherlands, such as: MAKE Eindhoven, Textiellab Tilburg, EKWC Oisterwijk, or Glaslab Leerdam. And for the production of objects we collaborate with organizations such Cor Unum Den Bosch, who produce our Tria tiles in a social and sustainable manner. For larger architectural projects we try to connect with the suppliers of building materials in a similar manner: our ideal would be to walk through a forest together and mark the specific trees to be felled and used as timber; to grow and make pigments to be used in the coating of wood; and to source loam from the ground locally with minimal additives. This asks for a slightly different approach to design and construction. If you’re interested, send us a message and we’ll tell you all about it!
Can I commission you for my project?
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