What’s an internship at la-di-da like?
"An internship at la-di-da is all about having fun with architecture. You're invited to discover, experiment and create by yourself using as many different media as possible. You work with them, not for them. It's in this friendly environment that you learn by doing. Whether you're working on plans or prototyping furniture, the creative freedom offered allows you to sharpen your architecture the way they do: with your hands and your brain. Always accompanied by a cup of coffee or tea, meetings and discussions naturally follow the rhythm of our ideas, questions and reflections. It's also in these moments of exchange that you learn the most, digging into a variety of subjects that open up the field of architectural possibilities.

PS: Please keep in mind that this is only the opinion of a really happy and grateful intern.

PPS: Be careful not to get dragged into their infernal coffee consumption."

- Loïs
What’s an internship at la-di-da like?
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